Why the Whole Family Will Love a Peru Adventure

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Incan Ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru

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Shrouded in mystery and myth, the Peruvian Andes are a place where stories live and traditions live even longer. It’s a land dotted with ancient ruins, where history is still being unearthed and new archaeological discoveries are always imminent. To venture into Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas is to travel right into the heart of the ancient Inca Empire and experience its centuries-old culture and tradition.

(Grand)parents and junior adventurers alike will find intrigue and excitement exploring the remnants of Incan civilization together as a family. Sometimes it’s the simple sells, like familiar food and not missing school, that really catch parents’ or grandparents’ attention.

Here are five other interesting aspects of a family vacation to Peru, sometimes less considered, but equally as alluring and worth factoring into your family tour decision.

1. The Storied Mansions and Sacred Valley Stays

Kids will love to find out that their 500-year-old restored mansion hotel in Cusco was once the home of the famed Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, or that the hotel you’ll be staying at in Machu Picchu’s cloud forest includes a visit to the Spectacled Bear Sanctuary where they can glimpse and feed the threatened bear species that inspired the Paddington Bear book series. It’s an exciting fact about Peru, and the stays are almost as exciting as the sights.

Cusco Peru Ruins

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2. The Petting Zoo and Textile Demonstration

A family visit to the Awana Kancha cultural exhibition includes both a textile weaving demonstration and a chance to meet, feed, and pet llamas, alpaca, and guanacos, the iconic animals of the Andes whose wool is used in a wide variety of garments and blankets. Weavers continue to use the same tools and methods as the many generations before them. It’s a unique stop on a Peru itinerary that will please the whole family.

Awana Kancha Petting Zoo Peru

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3. The Culture and Community

Peru is traditionally a very family-centered society, meaning you and your kids will be met with a warm welcome during your community visits and interactions throughout the Sacred Valley. Enjoy some enriching cultural interactions at the Tikapata School, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet Peruvian students and hear about their studies. Share smiles with the local Quechua community at the colorful Pisac Market, admiring their vivid attire and beautiful handicrafts. Cultural interactions are abundant in this region of Peru, making for an unforgettable experience you and your kids will treasure for years to come.

Weaving Textiles in Peru

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4. The Food is Familiar

Peruvian food is typically recognizable to even the pickiest of eaters. Expect rice, meat, fish and salad to be available on most menus. Of course, there are delicacies like cuy (guinea pig) and alpaca also on offer for the more adventurous eaters in the family.

5. The Dry Season

Fortunately for Europeans and North Americans, the Peruvian dry season falls right during summer and school vacations. Typically May through November sees little, if any, rain in the Sacred Valley and Cusco. It’s a great time to visit weather-wise and the kids don’t need to miss a single day of school!

Family Peru Tour Package

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Exploring the breathtaking archaeological site of Machu Picchu with your loved ones is a family bonding experience that none of you will ever forget. A Custom Family Machu Picchu Adventure also includes visits to other ancient Inca ruins, authentic exchanges with modern-day Quechua culture, and a private Expedition Leader wholly focused on ensuring that your entire family experiences the very best of Peru.

This guest post was contributed by our partners at Explorandes Peru.

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