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Ben Bressler August 27, 2009 2

Hi Folks,

I was shocked to read Time Magazine’s recent cover story about how climate change is “causing a new age of extinction” and that by the middle of this century our planet may lose up to a million species… forever!

This is indeed frustrating for any citizen of the planet, especially for an environmentalist from New Jersey (that’s me) whose dopey buddies just don’t get it. They harass me regularly about my view on climate change (which, basically, is that it is in fact occurring and that there is a good chance that human activity is likely a contributing factor—not a terribly bold or outlandish declaration given the current generally accepted scientific evidence)—and they call me “nature boy” and the like. I don’t mind at all because, 1) In truth I generally deserve a little harassment, 2) I feel pretty good about my position.

So I ask: What in the world is wrong with my knucklehead buddies?

Even Sarah Palin is jumping on the climate change bandwagon (apparently the Federal government is now providing grants for natural gas production so it might behoove her to show some support if she wants Alaska to receive those funds) and I suspect even the most ardent climate change denier would come around if only he or she would read any of the scientific articles I have sent to my friends.

I could walk away admitting that my friends just aren’t right in the head, but that would not help the situation in the long run. In that same article I was heartened to read this sentence: “We’re the cause–but we’re also the solution.” It seems to point towards some hope but unless reasonable people (and that may be the problem with my buddies) begin to understand that we must act and act now, this dire situation becomes hopeless.

If any of you have any ideas on how I can get to them, please post a comment for me! There’s gotta’ be some way to reach these guys…

Thanks for listening,

Ben Bressler
Founder & Director
Natural Habitat Adventures


  1. Bob Milligan August 28, 2009 at 12:10 pm - Reply

    I’m not sure it’s as simple as you state, but I understand your frustration with your friends. I live in a mostly conservative area and some of the folks here just don’t get it (plenty of others do–I would consider myself a conservative for sure and climate change is easy for me to understand). I wonder why some conservatives are right on board with the straightforward science and some are not. I mean, science is science, right?

  2. Ed Snead August 28, 2009 at 12:06 pm - Reply

    You friends really need to read a little more mainstream media! Nearly every reputable scientist–left and right–will agree that the climate is changing and humans are involved in that in some manner. I feel your pain.

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