Wear It Wild, WWF

WWF is launching a FUNdraiser in time for Halloween, with funds supporting wildlife and nature. If you’ve already started looking for costume ideas (or you like to procrastinate), then look no further. Participating is fun and easy.

How It Works

Pledge to dress up in your wildest animal costume, print, mask or accessory (it’s up to you how wild you want your costume to be!) between October 30 and November 1, and then start raising funds to protect endangered species and their habitats. You can also raise money as a team with a group of friends and family. WWF has listed a slew of fundraising ideas, including hosting a fun run, bake sale or, an animal-themed party.

You can sign up to participate at wearitwild.org, where you can set up your own fundraising page, browse costume ideas, and get tips on how to make your fundraiser a wild success. There are even some cool ready-to-print masks available if you can’t bring yourself to buy or make a costume.

If you post your Wear It Wild outfits on social media, be sure to tag your photo with the hashtag #wearitwild.


Because Halloween shouldn’t be tame.