WWF’s film, Pride of Namibia, was recently named the winner of the inaugural film competition, Adventure in Motion with Yahoo Travel. The film was chosen out of 150 film submissions and revealed at the 2014 Adventure Travel World Summit in Ireland.

WWF has been working in Namibia for 20 years and focuses on supporting their communal conservancy program. In 1990, after gaining independence, Namibia was the first African country to enshrine conservation into its constitution.

“Pride of Namibia” tells the story of communities in Namibia committed to protecting wildlife and of the unique role responsible travel plays in its successful protection of wildlife.

 The Adventure Travel World Summit also played a pivotal role for WWF as they unveiled a new partnership with the ATTA.  WWF and ATTA will be partnering together for the benefit of nature to lead a new initiative focused on Conservation Travel.  Conservation Travel is sustainable tourism that connects the traveler with nature and supports its protection by ensuring benefits from tourism investment flow to the local stewards of wildlife and wild places.

Watch the winning film. 

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