Have you heard how close our groups get to the grizzly bears on our Coastal Alaska Grizzly trips? Within mere feet!  And it’s not from the window of a safari vehicle, it’s on foot.  I didn’t believe it when I first started working at Nat Hab…that is, until I saw video footage of it!

These coastal grizzlies—the largest land-based bears on earth—inhabit an isolated section of Katmai National Park, and have never encountered harm from hunters or general human interference. That means the bears are totally un-phased by our presence, as they nonchalantly go about their day digging for clams and fishing.  It’s one of the most surreal wildlife encounters one can have.

You have to see it to believe it! Watch this clip of Nat Hab guests hanging out within feet of a grizzly bear mom and two cubs.  The guests are under the careful guidance of NHA’s Brad Josephs, one of the world’s most notable bear experts, who also narrates the clip.

Do you see why this trip has crept toward the top of my bucket list?  If you’re feeling the same way, click the button below for details on this Alaska adventure.


Want to see more footage of grizzlies and other wildlife from our trips?  Head on over to the Nat Hab YouTube page!