While on a trip to Madagascar, NHA Conservation Travel Specialist Court Whelan captured some beautiful video footage of Madagascar’s mammals, reptiles, and insects.  Watch these 30-second clips starring the wildlife of this biodiverse African island nation.  Lemurs, chameleons, and giraffe beetles are all species you’ll see on our Madagascar Wildlife Adventure trip!

Ring-tailed lemur

Did you know: It is believed that the first lemurs arrived on Madagascar by hitching a ride all the way from Africa on floating vegetation resembling rafts. That’s over 250 miles at the shortest point!

Panther Chameleon

Did you know: the panther chameleon has the rare ability to see in a 360 degrees radius.  Through independent eye movement, each eye can move independently – forward, backward, and side to side.


Did you know: This lemur’s name is an onomatopoeia for the distinctively loud “shi-fak” noise they make. Listen to the many sounds of sifakas.

Giraffe Beetles

Did you know: Named for their incredibly long necks, giraffe beetles (also called giraffe weevils) can grow to be 2.5 cm long.

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