There’s much more to an African safari than the iconic wildlife that draws most people there.  Namibia is no exception. Often, there is just as much wonderment in things like Namibia’s enchanting quivetrees, mysterious dead camelthorn treas, and the ethereal night sky blanketed with millions of swirling stars.

This gorgeous time-lapse captures the magic of Namibian nights and is a compilation of over 16,000 static images and the skillful editing of photographer Marsel Van Oosten.

Lucky for us, the safari “sleepout” has emerged as a unique way to experience Africa’s vast, unpolluted night skies, along with the distinct nocturnal sounds of the wilderness. Guests can observe the most incredible display of stars from a comfortable and elegant rooftop “star bed”. Check out some of our favorites:

large_Little_Kulala-5Each suite at Namibia’s Little Kulala Camp features a rooftop “star bed” that overlooks the Namib Desert and the spectacular Namibia skyscape.

large_Lion_Sands_Tinyeleti_TreehouseSouth Africa’s Lion Sands Game Reserve‘s opulent treehouses have been featured on the cover of Conde Nast magazine and on the popular television show The Bachelor.

large_Ol-Donyo-2A rooftop oasis sits atop every suite at Kenya’s Ol Donyo Lodge.

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