Shar-pei dogs are an ancient breed. Most experts believe that they originated during China’s Han Dynasty, nearly 2,000 years ago. Initially used for hunting and guarding livestock and property, shar-peis are naturally alert and have a protective disposition.

Sometimes we forget how simple a nature trip can be. A toddler named Arthur, though, reminds us in the short video below.

Watch as this little boy takes a walk through the woods with his 12-year-old dog, Watson. When Arthur passes a puddle, he does what we adults often forget to do while seeking an experience in nature: explore the mundane for the joys that might be hiding within.

Meanwhile, loyal Watson patiently waits.

Little Arthur takes a break from walking his shar-pei, named Watson, to play in a puddle. ©From the video “Best Friends—a Kid, a Dog and a Puddle”

I hope you’ll think of Arthur on your own upcoming weekend adventures that are—in the words of Natural Habitat Adventures’ founder and director Ben Bressler—”out there”!

Here’s to finding your true places and natural habitats,