Polar Bears Sparring

© Adventure Specialist Jordy Oleson

Each fall, the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears convenes at the edge of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada, waiting for the sea ice to form and their seal hunting season to begin. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this magnificent wildlife gathering is that you can watch the Churchill polar bears in the wild, in their own natural habitat.

Perhaps even more unbelievable, sadly, is that within 20 years, you may not be able to experience this natural event. The rapid loss of sea ice directly reduces polar bears’ hunting range, shortens their hunting season, and increases the distances that the bears need to swim as they hunt search for food.

These iconic predators are facing a big uphill battle, but they also have a huge contingency of conservation advocates, including you! World Wildlife Fund (WWF) polar bear conservation efforts help ensure that our children have the same opportunities as we do to witness polar bears in the wild.

Watch this video to learn more about these amazing creatures, find out how to see polar bears in the wild, and hear what WWF is doing to help polar bears.

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