By Nat Hab Traveler Melissa Nelson | Classic Polar Bear Adventure 

On our first full day out on the Polar Rover, a polar bear walked over to another vehicle in the distance, and we watched it jump up and reach all the way to the vehicle! We were super excited, and took photos… But the very next day, a bear walked RIGHT next to the windows of our own vehicle, and sniffed and snuffled right underneath our feet—and we were completely silent.

It was completely surreal to have witnessed such a thing from a distance the day before, and then magical to have it happen to us the very next day! We completely love Churchill, this was our second trip, and we already want to come back!

Polar bear wandering the tundra

Polar bear on the frozen tundra

Polar bear at Polar Rover

Polar bear crossing the tundra

Photos and video © Melissa Nelson.