“The early morning and evening light on the sand dunes and tree skeletons in Sossusvlei and the Kulala Wilderness Reserve provided some of the most dramatic views and photos from our trip to Namibia.

Tree skeletons in Namibia

At Hoanib Skeleton Coast, our guide, Abner, mentioned that the desert elephants had discovered the water pipes to the camp and much preferred drinking from them rather than the waterholes. The maintenance crews had an ongoing contest with the elephants over this.

Desert adapted elephants in Namibia

One morning, we had a highly entertaining encounter with the elephant herd moving down the main riverbed and then up into the side valleys near the camp. Several elephants discovered a buried water pipe, dug it up, and tried to break it, although they eventually failed and gave up.”

— Gayle Sugiyama | Custom Namibia Safari

Desert elephants in Namibia

Red sand dunes in Namibia

Dead tree in Namibia

Desert-adapted elephants in Namibia

Dead trees in Namibian desert

Wild Namibian desert elephants

Namibia's orange sand dunes

All photos © Gayle Sugiyama.