Traveler Photos from the American Southwest

Natural Habitat Adventures January 11, 2017 0

Some of the world’s most dramatic natural scenery and unspoiled natural habitats are protected within the U.S. national parks system. Although some of the most famous and oft-visited national parks are becoming quite crowded during the peak summer tourist season, exploring the places dubbed “America’s Best Idea” in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall can be quite rewarding, with pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

On a Canyons Photography of the American Southwest adventure with Nat Hab in September 2017, traveler Darren Livingston took full advantage of his opportunity to capture the raw natural beauty of the American Southwest, as shown in his spectacular photographs below.

Grand Canyon North Rim

Bighorn sheep in Zion

Wotans Throne

Patriarchs of Zion

Sunrise North Rim Grand Canyon

All photos © Darren Livingston.

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