The Northern Lights as seen from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

“Incredible! A five-star tour! Probably one of our top three trips, so far.

I really do not know if we got lucky, but we had incredibly cold and clear nights, every night! I have so many good images, it is hard to pick! The best part is that Nat Hab takes care of you, from the beginning to the end, and provides the outerwear for the Churchill adventure! I truly believe that it needs to be cold to be clear, and we are here to see the aurora, so bring on the cold!

Aurora Borealis Display in Churchill, Manitoba

With Nat Hab’s jacket, pants, boots, mittens, hand and feet warmers, it was really, really nice, and for those not taking photos outside, you can observe the aurora from inside where it is warm! It is just so amazing watching the sky dance and come alive! Sometimes, the whole sky was moving and just impossible to photograph since it was moving so fast, not to mention you are in awe from just watching the show!

Aurora Borealis near Churchill

To be honest, Nat Hab is the company that makes it a five-star tour, with the experienced guide, and filling the day with things to do, and taking care of all the food. I can’t wait for our next trip to see the polar bears!”

— R. Okuda  |  Northern Lights & Arctic Cultures

Northern Lights in Churchill

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