Most people immediately think of Machu Picchu when they think of Peru, but Peru covers almost 500,000 square miles of land. The Peruvian Amazon itself makes up 260,000 square miles of it.  A new trip developed by WWF and Natural Habitat Adventures aims to showcase three of Peru’s most wild biomes – the coastal desert, the Andes mountains and the rain forest.

Though incredibly beautiful, these protected areas are falling under more intense pressure from illegal logging and fishing, agricultural expansion, and gold mining as Peru continues to develop and grow.

WWF is partnering with Peru as they raise nearly $75 million to fund the protection of these areas in perpetuity and create conservation management plans based on sound science.

Watch these three videos to learn more about these unique ecosystems and threats they are facing.

And check out this unique trip where you’ll learn directly from WWF experts, before it fills up: Wild Peru: A WWF Conservation Journey.

Peru’s Coastal Desert

The Peruvian Andes 

Peru’s Rain Forests


Travel to Wild Peru with WWF & Natural Habitat Adventures