doug peacock

Renowned naturalist and author Doug Peacock.

If you are interested in the Galapagos Islands, curious or concerned about climate change, or just love great writing about nature, run (don’t walk), to pick up the November/December issue of Audubon Magazine. Or, if you don’t feel like running, just keep reading and click on the links below.

The issue features moving and thought-provoking essays by Terry Tempest Williams, Rick Bass, and Doug Peacock, three renowned authors, activists, and thinkers about nature and our place in it, about what they encountered on their recent journeys to the islands and their thoughts on what will be lost when climate change inevitability alters the delicate ecosystems of the archipelago forever.

Here they are:

Tracing Darwin’s Footsteps, by Terry Tempest Williams

A Quest to See a Place Untouched by Climate Change, by Doug Peacock

Saving the World’s Most Famous Garden of Biodiversity, by Rick Bass