“This trip is exactly what it’s called. My wife and I took this Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Safari with a small group of 12 in early July, when the daylight is an average of 18 hours.

Our group size allowed us to get to know each other and to travel in the comfort of a small vehicle. The drive to Denali started with clear skies, affording good views of the mountain, and as the day progressed, low clouds moved in and rain began. We were able to hike and take photos of the area. The day of departure, we awoke to clear skies, which allowed those who wanted to take air flights around the mountain. Those of us who rode back had great photo shots at Wonder Lake with reflections. We saw wildlife such as beaver, moose, bear and even caribou.

Denali National Park in Alaska

We took the Alaska Railroad to Talkeetna, providing great views of mountains, rivers and gorges. Talkeetna is a cute town with views of the back side of Denali. On another day, we took the Alaska Railroad again to Spencer Glacier to get within a safe distance of the glacier and to float in and around blue icebergs. Then we continued the float down Placer River, surrounded by beautiful mountains.

The stay at Kenai Fords is beautiful, and you can kayak in glacier-green water with evergreen hills and waterfalls around you. Even with a light rain, the private yacht was comfortable and provided shelter. Three orcas approached and passed under the rear of the boat, and porpoise swam along the bow in the wake just under where we stood. There were humpback whales and along the shore were seals, puffin, and other birds that the guides knew the names of and were happy to point out.

Bear catching salmon at Brooks Falls, Alaska

Last of all (and the best for me) was the float plane flights in and out of Brooks Falls, and the photo opportunities of the bears feeding. Catching salmon midair as they jumped to get up the falls was exciting and people would cheer when the bear would succeed.

We are very happy that we took this trip.”

— Larry and Sue Pals   |  Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Safari |  July 2018

Bald eagle in Alaska

Bear eating salmon at Brooks Falls, Alaska

All photos © Larry and Sue Pals.