Nat Hab’s new Aurora Pod debuted in Churchill this month, which was perfect timing for the increased solar flaring that the Northern Hemisphere enjoyed last week.  Nat Hab guides Brad Josephs and Alex Devries-Magnifico captured some incredible inaugural photos of the Aurora Pod during the amplified auroral activity last week.

Brad Josephs 8

Natural Habitat Adventures’ new Aurora Pod. (c) Alex De Vries-Magnifico

Alexander de Vries 3

NHA Northern Lights Photography Adventure. (c) Alex De Vries-Magnifico

Guests are raving about the Aurora Pod.  Linda Harrison just returned from our Northern Lights Photography Adventure and said:

“We LOVED the Aurora Pod and its prime location! There were so many spots from which to shoot, and we stayed very comfortable.”

Travel + Leisure magazine is so enthralled with the new Pod, they wrote an article about it: New to Manitoba: Aurora Borealis Views, Minus the Freezing Part.

“The pad to watch [the aurora boreals] from? Natural Habitat Adventures’ new Aurora Pod, which debuts this month. Parked on the outskirts of [Churchill], the custom-built structure affords unobstructed 360-degree views of the night sky through its geometric glass roof and surrounding walls. Inside: ultra-cushy armchairs where one can sit back and enjoy the show.” – Lindsey Olander Assistant Editor at Travel + Leisure.

Enjoy some more of Brad and Alex’s stunning northern lights photos:

Alexander de Vries 5

Nat Hab guests enjoying the clear view of the northern lights from inside the Aurora Pod. (c) Alex De Vries-Magnifico

Brad Josephs 7

A nature photographer’s paradise. (c) Brad Josephs

Alexander de Vries 2

Amazing auroral displays last week! (c) Alex De Vries-Manifico

Brad Josephs 1

Beautiful stars dot the purple sky. (c) Brad Josephs

Spectacular colors! (c) Alex De Vries-Magnifico

Spectacular colors! (c) Alex De Vries-Magnifico

Alexander de Vries  1

Beautiful northern lights show in the sky behind the Aurora Pod. (c) Alex De Vries-Magnifico