The excitement of hoping to see—or even photograph—one of the more than 100 wolves that now make the park their home is an incredible part of any trip to Yellowstone. Doing our part to ensure that Yellowstone’s wolves continue to survive and thrive is important to us, which is why Natural Habitat Adventures recently donated $2,500 to the Yellowstone Park Foundation’s Wolf Project as a Field and Flight Sponsor, which will directly support key elements of their Wolf Research and Monitoring program, including collaring and aerial monitoring.

Yellowstone wolf in winter

A wolf looks out from among aspen trees in Yellowstone. (Image credit: Ray Doan)

Since their reintroduction to Yellowstone in the 1990s, wolves have thrived there and their population has grown. This has impacted the entire ecosystem in the park and helped to bring it back toward balance after 70 years without a top-level carnivore. The Yellowstone Wolf Project studies how the return of wolves is changing their environment and works to support the wolves’ interactions with visitors and the local community through educational outreach.

Seven wolves on the move in Wyoming

Seven wolves on the move in Yellowstone National Park. (Image credit: Henry Holdsworth)

We are proud to help fund the Project’s vital research that helps Yellowstone’s wolf biologists to understand pack health and dynamics, how the wolves interact with elk and other prey species, and wolf territory and behavior. The project conducts all of this research by collaring wolves, collecting genetic samples and logging many aerial monitoring flights each year.

If you would like to support the Yellowstone Wolf Project’s work as well, please visit their donation page here.