Sustainable travel is coded into Natural Habitat Adventures’ DNA, and 2018 was an exceptional year in taking on conservation projects for our Boulder-based ecotourism company! The infographic below displays some of Nat Hab’s 2018 accomplishments, including eliminating straws from more than 75 percent of our trips and launching the World’s First Zero Waste Adventure. Many of these initiatives were developed through the Green Team, a volunteer group of more than 30 employees dedicated to making the company more sustainable. Numerous Green Team initiatives for 2019 are currently underway, including offsetting the carbon from all travelers’ flights, using a new carbonated beverage machine to reduce office waste, and evaluating food sustainability across our trip portfolio.

The following infographic is divided into various sections that showcase the company’s 2018 sustainability initiatives. Below, you’ll find information on recycling projects, carbon pollution reduction, conservation outreach and Nat Hab Philanthropy projects from the past year. To learn more about our conservation initiatives, please check out Natural Habitat Adventures’ sustainability page.

nha sustainability graphic