This week Nat Hab Creative Director Mark Hickey flew to Vancouver, British Columbia for a press check of the newest catalog from the company responsible for the World’s Greatest Nature Journeys.

Once again, the catalog is printed on 100% PCW FSC certified paper.

What is 100% PCW?
It means that 100 percent (not 30, not 40, not 80!) of the material that makes up the paper the catalog is printed on had a previous purpose – it used to be someone else’s copy paper, direct mail flyer, billing statement or magazine – and has been re-purposed to bring you our newest catalog of adventures worldwide. 100% post consumer recycled paper emits 25-50% less greenhouse gases and consumes ZERO trees.

In fact, by using paper with 100-percent post-consumer recycled content, the following resources have been saved in the making of our catalog:

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.53.39 AM

The company that printed our catalog, Hemlock Printers Ltd., has a lengthy record of environmental responsibility and compliance with environmental regulations and best practices. They continue to take many steps to manage environmental issues, often exceeding regulatory standards. Today, environmental responsibility is an important consideration in all of Hemlock’s business decisions. The Natural Habitat Adventures catalog was printed 100-percent carbon-neutral and proudly bears the company’s “Zero” logo on the back cover. The extra cost to print the catalog in this fashion will be invested in recognized renewable and clean tech projects.

Catalog 1

Printing on 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper is not without its challenges, from paper brightness to color control and ink saturation, but “Raising the Bar on Conservation” is one of Natural Habitat’s Core ideologies. We are confident that we are using the most responsible technologies and materials available to us to produce a catalog with the lightest impact on the planet.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.02.01 AM

Catalog 3

The 2015-16 catalog features a stunning elephant wrapping both covers (© Lara Zanarini). 2014 has been an overwhelming year for the plight of this amazing animal and saw the loss of one of the most adored elephants, Satao, a large bull in Tsavo East National Park. Satao was one of the largest elephants in Kenya. He was known as a tusker because his tusks were so long that they almost touched the ground. The Tsavo Trust announced that Satao was killed by poachers using a poisoned arrow on May 30, 2014.






This incredible catalog features more than 70 exciting adventures, arrives in a bright, full- color (!) envelope (image courtesy of our very own Expedition Leader Brad Josephs), and is expected to be mailed the first week of September, arriving in travelers’ mailboxes around September 15th.


This guest post was written by NHA Creative Director Mark Hickey, designer of the NHA catalog.