Did you know Borneo is where we find some of the world’s oldest and tallest virgin rain forests? They are some of the most biodiverse habitats on Earth, sheltering a wondrous variety of rare and endemic species…including orangutans!

The best way to see critically endangered orangutans and help protect their tropical forest home is to appreciate them in their native habitat—and our Borneo wildlife safari gets you there.

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We visit two orangutan sanctuaries for close-up views…plus you’ll get the best chance to encounter orangutans in the wild along the Kinabatangan River, where we also look for rare pygmy elephants on the banks.

Sun bears are another endangered prize. At the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center, we meet privately with renowned conservationist Wong Siew Te, the world’s first sun bear biologist, who is making great strides to save the world’s smallest bear.

Sun Bear in Borneo by Brad Josephs

Sun Bear © Brad Josephs

Borneo’s jungles are full of other fascinating wildlife, too, from the rhinoceros hornbill, with its giant orange beak, to large troops of proboscis monkeys, entertaining us with their whimsical faces and shenanigans.

On night walks, search for nocturnal species, including civets and tree-soaring colugos, a species of flying squirrel with extra skin between its legs that functions like a wingsuit. You might even glimpse the tiny, wide-eyed tarsier, a primitive primate nearly as ancient as lemurs, or the highly elusive slow loris, which we’ve spied a time or two. In Borneo, surprises await in every branch!

You’ll also get to watch green sea turtle hatchlings scurry to the Sulu Sea on a visit to Selingan Turtle Island. Our itinerary offers a diverse and in-depth immersion in Borneo’s richly varied ecosystems.

Conservation Travel Can Help Save Species

As global demand for palm oil puts extreme stress on orangutans and their rain forest home, your presence on our Borneo eco-safari helps protect orangutans by providing crucial economic support for surrounding communities. Learn more or call an Adventure Specialist to be part of this important enterprise: 800-543-8917.

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