As Andrew Denton once put it, “If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart. Art, and it would be Michelangelo. Literature, and it would be Shakespeare. And yet it is something even greater; the only place on earth that is still as it should be. May we never tame it.”

It is in this spirit that we return to Antarctica in February and March of 2011, to experience one of the most pristine, remote, and animal-rich locales on earth via a rugged sea kayaking expedition.

This is a place where nature tests us and at the same time rewards the intrepid, and there’s no better way to experience the raw power of Antarctica than through an expedition that takes you away from the noise civilization and puts you in an unspoiled landscape full of opportunities for exploration.

Our specific objective is the famous waters of the Gerlache Strait/Lemaire Channel on the west side of the Palmer Peninsula, at approximately 65° South. Here, high mountains tower over deep fjords, and huge silent icebergs slowly drift through the polar waters.

For more information about our February 2011 departure, please call Olaf at 1-877-677-9623!