Coca-Cola and three global organizations including WWF are giving a #toasttowater to draw attention and mobilize global action and attention to freshwater issues on World Water Day, March 22. Their website will display a compilation of posts coming in from around the world.

Coca-Cola and WWF give a toast to water on social media to bring attention to the stress on fresh water and provide helpful tips to conserve water.

Less than one percent of fresh water – what people and wildlife rely on – is renewed by rain and snowfall regularly. Sustainable water sources are under stress but there are tangible things we can all do more to conserve water. Coca-Cola and WWF have been working on several global projects but are now bringing it to the individual, and the power that an individual has to influence their network. Toast to Water provides participants with helpful water saving tips such as:

  • Wash full loads of laundry and dishes only,
  • Fix leaky faucets,
  • Adjust sprinklers so that they are not spraying water on paved surfaces, and
  • Reduce a 10-minute shower to 5 minutes. This can save an estimated 12.5 gallons per shower.

In 2011 Coca-Cola successfully completed the goal of improving water efficiency by 20%. Together with WWF they continue to find ways to become more water efficient and estimate that by 2020, they will have implemented processes that will save close to 50 million liters of water.

They have also partnered with WWF and delved far into their supply chain, beyond business processes, to conserve freshwater basins in eleven key regions.

Read more water-saving tips and give a #toasttowater on World Water Day!