Watch WWF’s Ocean Expert Answer Questions about Gray Whales

Hannah Wagner April 20, 2020 0

©, Mark Carwardine, WWF

Earlier this year, Karen Douthwaite, WWF’s Lead Ocean Specialist, joined Nat Hab during their climate change trip series where travelers could learn about the threats to our planet while seeing some of its most precious wildlife. 

WWF regularly hosts “Ask Me Anything” or AMAs on their Instagram account where followers can submit questions directly to experts while they are in the field. While on the trip, Douthwaite answered questions asked by Instagram users while surrounded by the unforgettable scenery of the Baja coastline on a Nat Hab’s “The Great Gray Whales of Baja” tripDouthwaite was joined by two Nat Hab guides as they answered questions about whale conservation, climate change, and how people can help protect whales and other marine mammals.  

© Gustavo Ybarra, WWF

Douthwaite and Nat Hab travelers were able to meet the gentle gray whales at the end of their long journey from the Arctic waters of north Alaska. They migrate to these warm, calm waters to give birth. Gray whales are known to be curious whales who frequently swim close to whale watching boats to investigate. Baja is also known for its gorgeous scenery including turquoise waters, mangrove forests, and huge variety of wildlife. Travelers have the chance to view seals, sea turtles, gray whales, whale sharks, and, if they are lucky, a blue whale. 

WWF works to protect gray whales by ensuring their Arctic feeding habitat and Baja calving habitat are protected. Watch the AMA below and be sure to follow Nat Hab (@NaturalHabitatAdventures) and WWF (@WorldWildlifeFund) on Instagram to have your chance to ask experts anything! 

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