WWF Back A Ranger Campaign

Photo © WWF

WWF calls rangers the “unsung heroes of conservation,” bravely working as the first line of defense to protect the world’s most endangered species from poachers in the illegal wildlife trade.  If you’ve been lucky enough to see a wild tiger strolling through a national park in India or a black rhino grazing in a nature preserve in Namibia, you can thank rangers for protecting those precious animals.

These rangers are not fighting a fair fight.  They are continually outnumbered and outgunned by merciless poachers.  The Thin Green Line Foundation estimates that 1,000 rangers were killed over the past decade.  That means nearly 2 rangers per week have given their lives to protect nature over the last 10 years.  Government funds to support rangers are paltry in comparison to the funds at the disposal of powerful criminal organizations backing the illegal wildlife trade. Rangers don’t earn a large salary and often don’t see that salary (or their families) for months.

How can we help?  WWF is leading the charge to advocate for these brave rangers through their grassroots Back A Ranger campaign.  You can Back a Ranger today by donating, or you can send a simple “Thank You” postcard to a ranger.  You’d be surprised how seldom they hear those words.  Watch the video below to learn more.

Donate at https://www.backaranger.org.