Traveler Story: The Magic of Autumn’s Solitude at Brooks Falls

Natural Habitat Adventures January 30, 2019 0

By Nat Hab Traveler Phyllis Posner | Bears of Brooks Falls: Solitude Season

It is the end of the season. As we walk through Katmai National Park each day, there are several bears left, still filling up on food for winter.

© Phyllis Posner

It is common for the bears to use the paths and roads than walk through the woods now that most of the humans are gone. The park is theirs and we are lucky to be welcome visitors.

© Emily Kleinburd

The salmon run is still active and the bears are still fishing. At one point 19 bears were at the falls, including a mother and her four first year cubs!

© Phyllis Posner

Add to all that, the leaves are turning colors.

© Phyllis Posner

But the solitude…knowing that it is a special time to be at Brooks Falls. We are lucky to be the last visitors of the season to a special place, visitors to the bears’ park and home.

© Phyllis Posner

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