An unparalleled destination for wildlife enthusiasts, Churchill, Manitoba, lies along the migration path of beluga whales, polar bears, caribou and more than 200 species of birds.

Experience the “Great Migration” of the North as thousands of beluga whales make their way to the warmer waters of the Churchill River estuary to feed, mate and give birth. On Zodiac excursions and in kayaks, greet these friendly white whales at eye level as you soak in the awe and wonder.

Aerial view of beluga whale migration

© Michael Poliza

Belugas are naturally curious and often swim directly alongside our boat, just arm’s length away! Bask in the joy of Nat Hab’s unrivaled beluga whale encounters as these gentle mammals follow our motorized rafts from a foot away.

Through a hydrophone, we’ll listen to the songs of these highly vocal mammals, nicknamed “the canaries of the sea” by early mariners. Paddle with a playful pod and keep an eye out for a wandering polar bear—along with being a whale-watching hotspot, Churchill is the Polar Bear Capital of the World. While fall is the time for exhilarating polar bear adventures, during the summer, we may spy a lone bear roaming the shore and gain an aerial view on a helicopter ride over the tundra.

What is summer like in the Canadian subarctic? Wildflowers carpet the green tundra as new life abounds. In the company of naturalist Expedition Leaders, you’ll search for Arctic foxes, Arctic hares and caribou aboard all-terrain Polar Rovers. Peak summer months of near-constant daylight are also a fantastic time for birdwatching, as tundra swans, sandhill cranes, Arctic terns and snow geese migrate to the area.

Canadian Polar Bear walking in the colorful arctic tundra of the Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba in summer

Fireweed sprinkles the landscape in the summer.

Ready for an exhilarating and unique nature adventure? You’ll also hop on a dog cart ride through the boreal forest, hear stories from the region’s Indigenous residents and learn about environmental research and sustainable practices at the Churchill Northern Studies Center.

Prepare for the thrill of coming face to face with belugas…and maybe even a polar bear! Encounter a rare wildlife trio of belugas, bears and birds on this exclusive summer adventure.