Deep within Botswana’s vast Okavango Delta, the 445,000-acre private Abu Concession shelters Abu Camp, a six-tent safari camp tucked into the unspoiled African wilderness. As the original elephant safari experience in Africa, Abu gives travelers the intimate opportunity to immerse themselves within the camp’s resident herd of rescued elephants. Along with this unique offering, Abu Camp also offers morning and afternoon wildlife drives, nature walks and nighttime game drives.

Elephant at Abu Camp, Botswana

“One night, we slept beneath the stars (and a mosquito net) and a full moon, in the enclosure where the resident elephants spend the night. We had a king-sized bed, a deck, and on a lower level, a bath. We fell asleep listening to the snoring of the elephants and awoke before dawn to watch Kathy, the eldest, make her round, checking on the others.”

— Paul MacMahon | Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana | June 2017

Lion pride near Abu Camp, Botswana

Leaping giraffe near Abu Camp, Botswana

Leopard near Abu Camp, Botswana

Sunset near Abu Camp, Botswana

All photos © Paul MacMahon.

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