“Our first snorkeling experience in the Galapagos was in Sullivan Bay, Santiago Island. Having snorkeled only once before in my entire life, my “snorkel buddy” and I hung around closer to the shore, watching the colorful fish flit around the rocks. The nice thing about snorkeling is how calming it is, and how easy it is to lose track of time. You don’t have to do more than float there and watch the wildlife swim by.

I was filming a large school of small pink fish, and was pretty startled when a penguin suddenly darted in front of me. Flitting back and forth at high speed, he seemed to be chasing the pink fish. Despite the several other snorkelers nearby, only my snorkel buddy and I witnessed this event and actually got to snorkel with a Galapagos penguin.

Watch this Galapagos tortoise move! I shot this video on Santa Cruz island at Rancho Manzanillo. There were tortoises everywhere when we visited, but this one didn’t seem particularly interested in posing for pictures.”

— Heidi Hunter | Classic Galapagos Adventure | July 2017