As conservation groups like WWF and others fight to protect a multitude of endangered species, it’s heartening to learn that new species are still being discovered —including previously unknown mammals like this cute creature below, which is a new kind of night monkey, though complete identification by biologists can often take several years.

Night Monkey

Possible new night monkey species in the Aotus genus. Photo credit: Alexander Pari

Every year scientists identify approximately 18,000 new species, but mammals are a minuscule segment of those, less than one half of one percent. So imagine the thrill when eight new mammals were found in a newly discovered, isolated tract of Peruvian cloud forest – it’s as if scientists have stumbled upon a whole new world.

A team of Mexican and Peruvian biologists found this “new heaven of unknown biodiversity” on the eastern slope of the Peruvian Andes near the Ecuador border, according to a recently Spanish-language press release. The animals were located during the 2009-2011 expedition in the protected area of  Tabaconas Namballe National Sanctuary, a 70,000-acre preserve whose cloud forests are also home to the endangered mountain tapir and spectacled bear. A region of intense biodiversity, the sanctuary harbors more than 90 mammals (with the new finds), 23 kinds of reptiles and 326 different bird species.

In addition to the orange-eyed night monkey, other discoveries by the team include an unusually large common shrew opossum that’s classed as a marsupial; a large, dark, extremely long-quilled porcupine; an olingo (a tree-dwelling animal related to the raccoon); a small-eared shrew; four rodents; and three new amphibians.

The wonder of the discovery is dampened a bit by the threatened state of the nature sanctuary: the land surrounding it has been badly damaged by deforestation, hunting and illegal mining, all of which are encroaching on the reserve itself.

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