In honor of International Whale Shark Day tomorrow, we put together some footage of our guests snorkeling with Mexico’s whale sharks, to show you how beautiful and majestic they are, and why they need to be protected.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world (40-feet long!), and snorkeling alongside them is a rare, life-changing experience and a privilege.  Contrary to the usual voracious association that comes with other sharks, whale sharks are gentle and harmless, and they only feed on plankton, tiny fish, and crustaceans

Natural Habitat Adventures and WWF offer responsible, eco-conscious whale shark tours. Unlike some tour operators, we are dedicated to making sure our presence is low-impact, and our priority is the well-being of the whale sharks. On our tours, we make a conscious effort to keep our boats far apart, and each boat spends time with its “own” pod of sharks. Although our groups are small to begin with, we only allow two snorkelers and one guide in the water at a time, to ensure the whale sharks are not overwhelmed.   Learn about how WWF has helped develop guidelines for Mexico tour operators in our article about responsible whale shark tourism.

This incredible underwater footage of guests swimming with these gentle giants was filmed by NHA’s Marketing Director, Ted Martens.

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