Take a peek at this great footage from our wonderful guide Brad Josephs on a recent Coastal Alaskan Grizzly Adventure! Watch as a curious brown bear cub on the Alaska Peninsula approaches a group of wildlife photographers Brad was guiding and then decides to swat a GoPro he posted on a pole in the sand.

Full grown grizzlies are one of the strongest animals in the natural world, able to lift 0.8 times their own body weights, which can be up to 1100 pounds! Even though this particular bear was only a cub, Brad stresses that “…this is a reminder that even though bear cubs can look cute, they should be told to keep their distance as their play behavior can be a little rough!”. To see more photos and footage from the trips Brad’s guided, visit his blog at alaskabearsandwolves.com.

Then, get up close and personal with grizzlies on your own Alaska Adventure with NHA and WWF!