“It is difficult to select a favorite experience from my wild China odyssey—the opportunities to visit multiple panda bases, to see rare species in the wild, to visit historical sites, to interact with Chinese locals, to travel through remote regions of Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces…. how to choose?

Opera in China

In Chengdu, a performance of the Sechuan Face-Changing Opera thrilled us. In Shaanxi, after visiting the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an, we traveled into the hills to see golden snub-nosed monkeys in the wild. Certainly a highlight of the journey was our ascension into the Himalayan foothills to altitudes of 12,000 feet, where we visited a Tibetan farmers’ market as snow fell on the surrounding cedars. Much was packed into the 12 days.

China Himalayas

Did I mention the pandas?”

— W. Luther Jett | The Wild Side of China: A Nature Odyssey

Woman in China


Monkey in China


All photos © W. Luther Jett.