Top Shot: Amazon River Dolphin

Tania Curry September 10, 2014 0

The Amazon river dolphin isn’t the easier creature to photograph, especially in the murky, brown waters of the Amazon. When our guide spotted them as we glided by the village of Requena along the Amazon river, I began to snap photos in the general vicinity where they were surfacing. When I returned home and began to weed through the more than 500 photos I had taken, I came across this photo–what a lucky shot!  – Tania Segura, Amazon River Cruise

© WWF-US/Tania Segura

© WWF-US/Tania Segura

Dam development and river contamination are fragmenting and threatening certain river dolphin populations. WWF protects river dolphin habitat in the Amazon region and continues to support river dolphin surveys to help determine their status and vulnerability. WWF also supports research on the impact of dams on the size and dispersal of dolphin populations.

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