Alaskan glaciers, icebergs in Antarctica,  the chilling Beaufort Sea – these polar wonderlands are the worldwide offices of Paul Nicklen, acclaimed wildlife photographer for National Geographic.  Spirit bears, leopard seals, polar bears, penguins – these are his co-workers.

In this Ted Talk, Nicklen gives us a personal, first-hand look at his work, filled with rare images of wildlife that lives on and below the ice, gripping (and sometimes hilarious) stories, and a whole lot of inspiration.  But it’s also about a truth about the incredible animals he photographs – they’re in trouble.  Sea ice is disappearing at an alarming rate, so fast that we stand the chance to lose entire ecosystems.  “Really what the ice does is it acts like a garden.  It acts like the soil in a garden,” says Nicklen.  It’s an inverted garden. Losing that ice is like losing the soil in a garden.”

If you watch only one more Ted Talk this year, make it this one.  If you have no idea what a Ted Talk is, make this your first.

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Leopard seal by Paul Nicklen

A photo of Paul Nicklen’s encounter with a leopard seal. Photo © Paul Nicklen/National Geographic