Traveler Story: A Secluded Botswana Safari

Natural Habitat Adventures August 10, 2017 0

“My favorite moment of my Secluded Botswana Safari was watching a grandmom lioness finishing off her latest meal with her grandkids.

Lion pride feasting

© Sauwah Tsang

Having three generations of lions together is a joy, and seeing any coalition of males is precious, knowing that males make up only 1 percent of the whole lion population (at most 20,000) throughout the vast African continent.”

Sauwah Tsang | Secluded Botswana Safari | June 2017

Male lion resting

© Sauwah Tsang

Male lions in Botswana

© Sauwah Tsang

Leopard in Botswana

© Sauwah Tsang

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