Dear Friend,

I like donuts… heck, pretty much everybody likes donuts. (Especially Canadians!) I like Boston creams and chocolate glazed the most. But I’ll eat any of them. Really, I will.

But as much as I like donuts…nay, “love” them might be more appropriate… I get this strange feeling that if I opened a donut shop today, I just may not love them so much just a short time down the road. Oh during year one I’d devour five a day! Then I’d let my commitment slide a bit and I’d dwindle down to two or three and, within a couple of years I’d lose my enthusiasm altogether and I’d occasionally grab a cinnamon stick and a cup of coffee. And even that would make me nauseas.

That’s probably true with a lot of things people are passionate about. Love beer? Then open a pub and I’ll betcha’ a buck that within a few years you’ll be a little tired of swilling that fine beverage. Probably true with tomatoes, fine shoes, antique cars and hobby trains. I often wonder how long I’d be dedicated to handmade cigars if I owned a handmade cigar shop. (Well, I guess I don’t “often” wonder about that as spending a good portion of my time thinking about that would surely be a little weird.)

I’d wager to say that there are very few “products” indeed that would allow me to retain my passion should I be faced with dealing with that product on a daily basis…day…after day…after day, year…after year…after year!

Travel is one of those products. Luckily, that is the industry I fell into. I can safely say that my passion for travel has not waned one iota since I started Natural Habitat Adventures in 1985. In fact, that passion grows every day as I peruse new destination possibilities and work with our staff on our old classics. Hey, I love to travel and working in this industry every single day for the past 25 years has only reinforced my dedication.

Man, I really am lucky I never opened that donut shop!

I hope to see you out there!

Founder & Director
Natural Habitat Adventures