“Hello,world!”  Photo (c) Peter Mather, via Mother Nature Network

Spring has officially arrived!  Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and sleepy bears are emerging from their dens after the long winter.  One photographer was lucky-enough to capture just this.  Peter Mather was traveling with his partner when they suddenly spotted a head peaking out of a den on the side of the road.  Once they stopped, they could see it was a black bear mother and her cub.  As the adorable, toothless cub took in the world around him, the photographer captured the images from the safety of his car.  “It was incredible! This little guy was curious and cranky, just like a little kid. He scrambled around, tried to climb up to us, but mostly he screamed and cried for an hour, just like any baby,” Mather said of the cub in an interview with Mother Nature Network.


Photo (c) Peter Mather, via Mother Nature Network

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