Two male kudos with their horns locked together.

© Rex Masupe. Courtesy of Wilderness Safaris.

Rex Masupe, who is a guide at Abu Camp in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, was recently called to this grisly scene by two camp assistants who stumbled upon it while out searching for firewood. The two male kudus had become locked together while battling for dominance and the right control a harem of females. According to Rex, the disturbed earth surrounding the scene was evidence of “a very long, very hard fight.” He surmises that  the animals died on different days; one kudu’s spine had been broken but the exhausted victor was unable to free himself. One of the kudus’ legs had been severed and removed by a male leopard who was still lurking in the area. You can read the full story and see additional images on Wilderness Safaris’ blog.