At the end of June I had the amazing opportunity to travel with Natural Habitat Adventures to the Galápagos Islands. As you might imagine, it was the trip of a lifetime – and not just for the incredible wildlife sightings and beautiful landscapes. The biggest takeaway for me was the scale at which conservation is happening, and how and why it is so important in that very special place. As you look through this photo essay I hope you’ll be inspired by what I saw in the Galápagos and think about your own connection to our planet.

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As the sun rose on our final day I pondered my week in this fragile wilderness. My visit gave me hope—if conservation planning can be applied in more landscapes around the world, as it has in the Galápagos, we can have more species thriving. If humans can just take the time to understand and value our natural world, we will be inspired to save it.

By Andrew Wiley, Manager, Partners in Conservation, WWF-US