Londolozi is famous for its leopards. So it’s not surprise that November’s ten best photos taken by the private reserve’s guides and guests offer four very different perspectives, from action to quiet repose, of these majestic cats. Other selections illustrate the diversity of Londolozi’s wildlife, including two massive bull hippos battling for territory, a fierce looking male lion listening to the distant roar of a rival, a young elephant trying to free its herd mate from a piece of wire that had become tangled around its foot, and a Nyala cleaning its just-born fawn. Enjoy!

leopard leaping over water

© Lucien Beaumont

zz leopard drinking

© Bruno Bervoets

leopard in profile

© Bruno Bervoets

leopard's tale

© Trevor Ryan McCall-Peat

hippos bulls battling for territory

© Amy Attenborough

Nyala clueing its new born fawn

© Amy Attenborough

male lion at londolozi

© Trevor Ryan McCall-Peat

young elephant tries to remove wire from other elephants foot

© Amy Attenborough

starry sky at londolozi

© Steve Gordon

giraffe nursing

© Phil Judd