There are few sights as mystifying as the aurora borealis, aka the Northern Lights.  If you get to see the Northern Lights in person, you are one lucky traveler.  If you can’t get there just yet (or if you can’t wait to go back!) this amazing Northern Lights timelapse video is the next best thing to tide you over.

It was shot on one of Nat Hab’s Northern Lights tours by Staff Naturalist Brad Josephs this past March in Churchill, Manitoba.  Josephs endured 27 below temperatures (Fahrenheit) and frost bite on the tip of his nose to bring you this footage of the aurora borealis.  He says “look for the ‘moon dog,’  which is an ice crystal halo, and a few shooting stars as well.”  Enjoy!  Want more? See some of Josephs’ best Northern Lights photos here.