Photographing Polar Bears in Kaktovik Alaska

High above the Arctic Circle, along the remote northern coast of Alaska, lies the small Inupiat village of Kaktovik.

This tiny hamlet, surrounded by the famed wilderness of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, is the best place in Alaska to see polar bears.

During the late summer and fall, dozens of wild polar bears come ashore here to search for food while they wait for the ice to form on the Beaufort Sea.

This annual congregation of polar bears in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge provides unparalleled photography opportunities for the roughly 1,000 lucky travelers who visit Kaktovik each year. Here, small groups of nature photographers cruise the coastline in compact boats to watch polar bears on the nearby banks, enjoying an eye-level vantage point for spectacular close up photos. Since polar bears are marine mammals, some travelers may even get to see an Ursus maritimus (“sea bear”) swimming near the shore!

Polar Bear Boat Tour in Kaktovik Alaska

Debuting in August 2017, Natural Habitat’s newest expedition, Photographing Polar Bears in Alaska’s High Arctic, is an immersive adventure that gives avid wildlife photographers the rare chance to take eye-level pictures of polar bears in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The travelers who secure the coveted few spaces on Nat Hab’s three 2017 departures will fly on a private chartered plane from Fairbanks in central Alaska over the Arctic Circle to Kaktovik, located just above 70 degrees north latitude in the High Arctic of the United States.

Wild Polar Bears in Alaska

Natural Habitat Adventures’ renowned Expedition Leaders are photography and polar bear experts who work in tandem with seasoned local guides from Kaktovik. These highly skilled naturalist Expedition Leaders offer their photography expertise to empower travelers to get the best polar bear photos possible. Nat Hab’s small groups return to town each evening for guided photo editing sessions, presentations on local life and Inupiat culture, and conversations about how climate change is impacting the Arctic ecosystem.

Few nature travelers have ever had the chance to see and photograph wild polar bears in Alaska. Be among the first to experience America’s High Arctic this year! Call 800-543-8917 today to speak with an expert Adventure Specialist and learn more about these extraordinary Alaska polar bear tours.

Wild Polar Bears in the United States