Madagascar is indeed a world apart, a wildlife kaleidoscope, both visually and verbally! Its rain forests are home to primitive primates such as diademed sifakas, indri and tenrecs, while unique flora such as baobabs and pachypodia punctuate its desert landscapes. Curious about those exotic-sounding names? Here is a short video to give you a teaser to visit Madagascar:


For even the best-traveled nature lover, this large island off the southeast coast of Africa offers a rainbow of discoveries. It’s no wonder World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has chosen Madagascar as a priority place—more than 80 percent of the island’s rare and intriguing plants and animals, including more than 100 varieties of lemur, exist only here. Other charming creatures include Parson’s chameleons, iridescent sunbirds, and a host of intriguing animals you’ll find nowhere else on Earth.

Madagascar is a living time capsule: once part of a super-continent, Madagascar broke away from that landmass 100 million years ago and has since existed largely in biological isolation. Very few travelers are lucky enough to discover a “continent” they never knew existed! You can do so on a Madagascar wildlife adventure.