Antarctic Sunset

Antarctic Sunset, © Nate Small

Antarctica.  Nowhere on earth is more synonymous with exploration, extremes, and untouched wilderness. The majestic glaciers and abundance of wildlife are what attract those with an adventurous spirit to take an Antarctica cruise.  I was lucky to spend last winter on the White Continent, accompanying guests on over 20 tours of Antarctica, and I’m excited to do it all over again this winter (Antarctica’s summer).

Nate Small

Nate is an Antarctica Expedition Leader and professional nature photographer.

Some people call Antarctica the world’s “last best wilderness,” and because of that they want to keep Antarctica’s beauty a secret.  This winter I want to let you in on that secret by taking you on a virtual journey through Antarctica with my stories from the field and my photography of indescribable landscapes, playful penguins, giant whales, and stunning icebergs.  Won’t you join me?

Nate is an Antarctica Expedition Leader and professional nature photographer. Throughout this winter’s Antarctica cruise season Nate will be posting exclusive live updates from his voyages on the Akademik Ioffe and the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, two of the ships used on Nat Hab’s Classic Antarctica Expedition. He also spends his summer on the Ioffe and Vavilov’s Arctic voyages to Spitsbergen.

Nate has extensive guiding experience all over the world.  A Canadian native, he got his start guiding rugged kayaking trips on the shores of Lake Superior.  During the two months prior to the Antarctica cruise season you can find Nate in Churchill, Manitoba working on Nat Hab polar bear tours.  It’s safe to say Nate’s a huge fan of cold weather!

Nate will be posting every other Thursday throughout the season, with his first official update this Thursday.  Until then, enjoy a few of his photos from last season!

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula, © Nate Small

Drake Passage, Antarctica

A calm day on the Drake Passage, © Nate Small

Sunset on the Vavilov, Antarctica

Sunset on the Vavilov, © Nate Small

Rockhopper penguin, the smallest penguin species in Antarctica, © Nate Small