Happy Earth Day! Around the world, people are mobilizing their voice to show support for climate action. World Wildlife Fund has taken to the streets of social media to harness the power of networks to highlight the importance of forests. We’ve compiled 11 posts from supporters around the world who love travel and nature.

Discover America (and its gorgeous trees and parks)

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Tree Huggers in Central America

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A tree and girl in their Natural Habitat

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A Chilean Hike with a tree hugger

Explore Torres del Paine National Park with WWF & NatHab

A Tree’s 15-Minutes of Fame


Forests are vital to life on Earth. They purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, offer a home to much of the world’s diverse array of plants and animals. And even doing all those things and much more for us, it is being destroyed at a rate of 48 football fields per minute. Awareness is the first step to really making a change. I support #HUGATREE #lovenature @world_wildlife As florestas são vitais para a vida na terra. Elas purificam o ar que respiramos, filtram a água que bebemos, oferecem um lar para grande parte das plantas e animais. E mesmo fazendo tudo isso e muito mais para nós, elas estão sendo destruídas a uma taxa de 48 campos de futebol por minuto. A consciência é o primeiro passo para a mudança. Eu apoio #hugatree #amoanatureza


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World’s Largest Rain Forest Needs World-Sized Hugs

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 A Hawaiian Punch of Colors

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An Aussie Arboreal Adventure

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Saving Trees South of the Border

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India is for Nature Lovers

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The Family Tree

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Pura Vida for trees in Costa Rica

My favorite tree #hugatree #wwf #costarica #monkeytrail #guanacaste A photo posted by Adriana Ruiz Marchini (@anairdaziur) on

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Species and people rely on forest habitat for food, medicine, oxygen and help regulate the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. WWF works around the world in places like the Amazon, Bhutan, the Congo Basin, the US and Nepal to make sure forests are sustainably managed and protected.

Are you a tree hugger? Have a favorite travel photo of yourself enjoying time in a forest?  Join WWF in this effort by posting a photo of yourself hugging a tree on social media and tagging #HugATree and @World_Wildlife  on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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