On Nat Hab’s new Rainforest to Rockies: Vancouver to Banff trip, you’ll discover Canada’s mountain grandeur on a unique itinerary into wild realms others rarely see! After a two-day luxury train ride from coastal Vancouver to Lake Louise aboard the Rocky Mountaineer (more on that incredible journey here), private helicopter flights whisk you over alpine meadows and valleys to view some of the grandest scenery on Earth: the Bugaboos.

Bugaboo Provincial Park lies within the Purcell range (part of the Columbia Mountains) of southeast British Columbia. World-renowned for their airy, glacier-sculpted granite spires, the Bugaboos offer awe-inspiring mountain and glacier terrain. With many peaks reaching nearly 10,000 feet, these summits have been shaped by mountain weather and glacial ice over generations.

Fly deep into the jagged Bugaboos to spend three days amid some of the continent’s most dramatic alpine terrain on a heli-hiking trip you’ll never forget.

Helicopter hiking in Canada by Taylor Burk

© Taylor Burk

Why Fly (and Hike) the Bugaboos With Nat Hab?

This exhilarating experience begins with a helicopter flight, sweeping us over some of the world’s most stunning mountain scenery as we move from the Canadian Rockies to the Columbia Mountains and dropping us off at our lodge in view of the Bugaboo Spire—a favorite challenge for alpine rock climbers. That afternoon, we embark on our first heli-hiking excursion, whetting our appetites for the alpine adventures to come!

Over the next two days, we take to the sky each morning to access the awe-inducing heights of Bugaboo Provincial Park. Our helicopter transports us to remote valleys and high alpine meadows, where we walk over trailless terrain, stopping to admire both tiny wildflowers and sweeping vistas and searching for Canada’s iconic mountain wildlife along the way.

Helicopter-supported Hiking for All Ability Levels

Sound daunting? Not to worry! We make what may seem like an activity only suited for extreme adventurers and alpine athletes accessible to Nat Hab travelers by offering guided hikes of varying lengths and ability levels.

By traveling with two Expedition Leaders (plus multiple local guides at Bugaboo Lodge), we can divide the group to offer both easy nature walks and more challenging hikes to rewarding vistas. All hikes are entirely optional, and multiple hikes per day are offered, so you can tailor the adventure to your interests and activity level. Guests who would like to take longer or more strenuous hikes will have opportunities to do so, while those who wish may opt out of any given hike to relax at the lodge.

Wild Eastern Slopes Grizzly bear taking a rest in a mountain forest in summer Banff National Park Alberta Canada.

You’ll also get double the attention and information as you travel with two expert naturalist guides. These smaller groups give every traveler the chance to be immersed in the dazzling scenery of Bugaboo Provincial Park. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like marmots, ground squirrels, pikas, mountain goats, golden eagles, moose and grizzly bears.

Restful Evenings and Deluxe Amenities at a Luxury Fly-in Alpine Lodge

After a day of hiking, you’ll want a comfortable place to rest and relax. Our private lodging at the deluxe Bugaboo Lodge, located at 5,000 feet elevation, offers a prime location in view of glaciers and granite spires.

It’s a warm and comfortable base from which to explore the raw mountain terrain beyond. The area is inaccessible to anyone except lodge guests, giving you unprecedented time alone to explore untouched nature in its most pristine form.

Bugaboo Lodge in British Columbia Canada by Taylor Burk

Bugaboo Lodge in British Columbia, Canada © Taylor Burk

When you’re not out hiking, enjoy lodge amenities including a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, massage therapy and games room. Guests who crave some extra thrills can tackle the climbing wall or zip line. Return each day to relax on the deck, soak in the hot tub or rejuvenate in the sauna. End your evenings with hearty dinners served in the glass-walled dining room and accompanied by unparalleled views of the peaks and glaciers beyond.

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