Kenai Fjords Alaska

In late August 2015, I was able to take a trip with Natural Habitat Adventures on its Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Photo Safari. During this photography tour, we had many incredible wildlife viewings. There were grizzly bears, moose, a wolf, and even beluga whales that swam less than 100 feet in front of us as we stood on the shore and watched them swim peacefully through the calm water.

One experience, however, that far exceeded my expectations was our visit to Fox Island and the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge. We were welcomed to our private island with a beautiful lunch in a restaurant that looked right out at the secluded Resurrection Bay.

After an amazing lunch, I was able to take some time and head up to the tallest point on Fox Island. Though the trail was a bit thin at times, the hike was worth it in order to get some beautiful 360-degree views of Resurrection Bay and the surrounding mountains.

Renata Haas in Alaska

Returning from our tremendous hike, we were able to relax back at the lodge and take in the view of the bay. It was a fantastic treat away from all the everyday business.

That evening, a bonfire was accompanied by stories and laughter that went late into the evening. Early the next morning, we headed out on our own private cruise to see some glaciers. Cruising through Alaska’s stunning scenery was not only relaxing, but it was amazing to think that we were still in North America.

Once we got to the mouth of the glacier, there was a huge treat of being able to hear parts of the glacier breaking from the main body and crashing into the water below. Though most of the people on our trip were over 50, everyone was brought back to their childhood with the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the next glacier to calve.

To cap off our fantastic Kenai Fjords cruise, our guide gave us a pleasant surprise—actual glacier ice cubes with either whiskey or Baileys.

Glacier Ice Cubes in Alaska

The ride back offered a bit of adventure when we encountered a few waves along the way. It made me feel like we were cruising in the middle of the ocean, but I never felt unsafe for a second. The journey was more like a forward-moving rocking chair.

Upon our return to Fox Island, we warmed up with some hot drinks and another amazing dinner. There’s not much that can top a dinner and sunset combination over Resurrection Bay.

Before leaving our private paradise the next day, we spent some time kayaking in the bay, where we saw otters, bald eagles, and some other beautiful birds. Overall, it was an amazing Alaskan adventure.

Even in the vast state that is Alaska, there can be so much going on. Our Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Photo Safari was simply amazing, and I treasured my few days on our own private island.

Kayak Alaska

This guest post was written by Natural Habitat Adventures Adventure Director Renata Haas. All photos © Renata Haas