galapagos police dogs pose with their new owners at Sea-Tac airport.

Terminator, Luna and Jonathan pose with their owners outside the airport. Courtesy of Seattle DogSpot. 

Last month, three very special passengers arrived at Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport. Terminator, Luna and Jonathan are recently retired Galapagos police dogs who had come all the way from Ecuador to meet their new caretakers, after spending five years sniffing out illegal wildlife products from the Galapagos islands.

Seattle Dogspot, which reported the story on its website, says that the dogs were brought to Ecuador from the Netherlands five years ago as part of a joint initiative between Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Ecuadorian police.  They were part of the first elite K9 force in South America tasked with helping end the illegal wildlife trade.

Lady’s Hope Dog Rescue had already found good homes for the three heroes, and their adopters were on hand to greet them when they arrived. Lady’s Hope had previously found homes for four other Galapagos police dogs.

Luna and Jonathan, two retired Galapagos police dogs, share a moment.

They really like each other. Photo courtesy of Seattle DogSpot.

The dogs, who are each seven years old, will have to learn how to relax and enjoy doing normal dog stuff. Until now, they’ve never lived in a home with a family or had much free time. According to Seattle Dogspot (and the video below), they are “typical Labrador retrievers — friendly, good-natured, and non-stop tail waggers.”

Thanks Terminator, Luna and Jonathan for doing more than your fair share to protect the natural wonders of the Galapagos. And thank you to Lady’s Hope for finding them homes.

Check out the video: