Croatia is the perfect destination for all travelers. Whether you travel for adventure, nature, relaxation, cuisine, culture or even wildlife, you will find what you are looking for in Croatia. Here’s why:

1. The Natural Wonders

Croatia is overflowing with beautiful and varied natural landscapes; making it the perfect European destination for nature-lovers, says Lonely Planet and BuzzFeed. To the west, Croatia boasts 1100 miles of coastline and over 1000 islands, which dot the Adriatic Sea’s clear turquoise waters. Island highlights include the enchanting Elaphiti archipelago, with its dramatic cliffs and caves and crystal clear water, and the island of Mljet, which is covered in original Mediterranean forest and protected as a national park. One of the best ways to explore the breathtaking coasts and islands of Croatia is by kayak.



On the other side of Croatia, visitors can find surging waterfalls, hot springs, karst mountains and traditional vineyards within Croatia’s green inland forests. Plitvice Lakes National Park, a celebrated UNESCO Natural Heritage site, is home to Croatia’s famous cascading jade lakes and waterfalls. With brown bears, wolves, lynx, and over 120 species of birds, the Park also provides opportunities to spot wildlife.



2. The Food and Wine

While unbeknownst to most, Croatia has some of Europe’s best cuisine. With a hint of Italian influence, Croatia’s Mediterranean cuisine proudly uses local seasonal ingredients. Dishes are typically paired with a wine from one of Croatia’s many vineyards. Freshly caught seafood is a favorite of many natives, especially in coastal towns.



3. The Majestic Cities and Towns

Croatia has become a modern nation while holding onto its relaxed Mediterranean ambiance. In the north, bustling cities are known for their pastel colored buildings and cobblestone streets while coastal towns in the south exhibit traditional Croatian stone architecture with red tiled rooftops. Walking the streets of a Croatian city, visitors can expect to stumble upon anything from a Roman ruin to a quaint sidewalk café to a group of fisherman unloading the day’s catch. Be sure to check for events if you are visiting in Croatia’s summer festival season.



4. The Rich History

With seven designated UNESCO world heritage sites and around 50 Stone Age sites full of ancient artifacts, Croatia has a lot of history to share. From the presence of the Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Austro-Hungarians over time, Croatia has been left with pristine medieval towns, ancient churches, countless diverse ruins, and even a large Roman amphitheater where gladiators once fought. There is plenty of history to see and learn in each one of the country’s cities and towns.



5. The Climate

The mild Mediterranean climate of Croatia and the fact that it is one of the sunniest regions on the Mediterranean basin makes it the perfect vacation destination. Days spent in Croatia are warm and pleasant.



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